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You will choose the 2 euros tour option for those under 12 and the regular priced tour tickets for those 12 and older. You will need to show proof of age when picking up these tickets so be sure to order the correct ones as they give no refunds for incorrectly purchased tickets. Yes, you can purchase both online and pay the reservation fee.

You cannot print either of these options at home. Only the full priced tickets can be printed at home. You must pick up free or reduced priced tickets at the venue.

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You will need to show proof that you qualify for the discount given before you receive the actual tickets. If you don't qualify for the reductions you will need to purchase full priced tickets and not get a refund for the tickets purchased in error. Bring your passport with you non EU members are legally required to carry your passports as proof of age. You need to call to make a reservation for the underground tour when using the romapass. Just let the operator know that you already have entry tickets and would just like to add on the tour.

They will only charge you for the tour. The romapass does not include any tours, it's an entry pass.

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If using the romapass for entry you also get to visit the forum and palatine hill and have it count as the same entry since they are a combo site. Those under 18 don't need a romapass. See paragraph above for more information. Yes, both allow you to bypass the ticket lines that can be very long. Just approach the lines and the attendant will show you which aisle to use. You must still check in for the tour so be sure to show the attendant your tour voucher.

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If you want to visit the other 2 sites first you should purchase the print at home entry tickets online. This will give you tickets in hand and allow you to visit the forum and palatine hill either the day before your tour or earlier the same day as your tour. If you have anyone under 18 traveling with you you will not be able to print tickets at home because all free tickets must be picked up at the desk and I.

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You can buy and print just the adult tickets at home and pick up the free tickets onsite. You won't need to wait in the regular line for those. Just go to the special events window for the free tickets. Can I come and go as I please and do the days have to be consecutive? You cannot come and go as you please, you get one entry per sites. The forum and palatine hill are connected with an internal walkway and count as a single site. The days do need to be consecutive. It doesn't matter which order you see the sites.

The underground tour includes a visit to the arena floor, a visit to the underground section and a visit to the third tier.

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It does not include a tour of the forum or palatine hill though your entry tickets gets you into those sites. There is also an option for a reduce cost ticket if you don't want to visit the third tier. Some people with mobility issues may want to opt out of the third tier because the steps leading up to it are very narrow and steep. There is no way to purchase this option online. You will need to call to get these reduced tickets. There really is no need to take both tours. The information in both tours is about the structure and what it was used for.

If you take both tours you'll just hear the same information twice. The only difference is where the tours go.

If you have mobility problems the tour is not for you. There are very steep steps getting up and down the third tier. These steps are also very narrow. At this time the tour is not available for anyone in a wheelchair. No, anyone can book and go on the tour. If the children are very young they may become bored but there are no restrictions. No, it's a very large area.

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There is a ceiling over part of it but for the most part it's open to the rest of the colosseum. Yes, you can stay inside the colosseum for as long as you wish after the tour. There are no time restrictions other than closing time. Yes, but your ticket is only good for a single entry to the site so you would need to purchase another entry ticket. Once you leave the site your ticket becomes invalid. It depends. If you book just the tour for 11 euros you will need either an entry ticket or a romapass to get you inside the structure.

The online tour booking isn't set up to include the cost of entry. Does that mean the tour will not be run after that date? The colosseum will release dates for every two months. Right now the dates available are from January 1, through February 28, The next set of dates should be released mid February and will be for the next two months March and April.

The tickets for the next set of dates should become available during the 7th week of these week spans. Because of the heightened security threats through Europe the colosseum and other sites have decided to limit what can be taken inside. As of this posting they are not allowing backpacks, luggage or any other large bags inside the colosseum.

The colosseum officials have not released any information on sizes they will allow inside but they are letting small purses inside. They are also suggesting that you show up at least a half an hour before your scheduled tour in order to go through the security screening checkpoint. Your bags will be searched so this can slow things down. Again, you should leave all bags in your hotel or store them at the termini station because there are NO storage facilities at the colosseum and they are not letting any large bags or backpacks inside.

The termini is about a 15 minute walk from the colosseum so give yourself plenty of time before your tour if you need to store your bags. This new rule just started in January in response to heightened terror threats throughout Europe. This is being put in place for the security of everyone. Right now they don't have any storage facilities because they have never needed them.

I don't know if they will add these facilities or not but for now, it's better to leave your things in your hotel or store them at the termini station until after your visit to the colosseum. The forum also has these restrictions in place. I contacted TA to have this replace the current "sticky". Everyone should post on this thread instead of the old one. Thank you,. Excellent info, thank you. Very glad you answered the claustrophobic question, has put my mind at rest although I shall be giving the third teir a miss by the sound of it!! Cannot wait!!

Thank you so much for your knowledge.

Write a Book and Get It Published. (Yes, You!) Seven Key Strategies for Getting Started

Each of us has at least one "bookworthy" element in our lives -- a landmark event, a relationship, a spiritual experience -- great material for a true memoir or. This is a very short story (in a tiny book). But if you're serious about writing and publishing and will do what it takes to create a quality book (and associated.

I am taking a tour of the Colosseum and Forum from a third party. They are suggesting that I purchase full price admission tickets for my kids to the Colosseum so we do not have to wait in line the day of our tour. In your post, it sounds like the tickets are picked up at a separate window with a shorter line. We are planning on going to the Forum first. Do we need to stop at the Colosseum to pick up our admission tickets and underground tickets first?


To be perfectly honest, for most authors there is a very poor return on investment. Nicholus Hankin. I am a 31 yr old single parent. You can write and publish a bestseller. A bio is pasted below. Kathy Stewart. I am really glad to be here.

Also, just wondering if I will be safe getting the free entrance tickets for my kids. I'm confused. If you've booked with a separate company why aren't they doing this for you? If you still need to go through the trouble of picking up tickets and tour tickets why are you using a third party company and what are you paying them for?

I would try to cancel with them and just book the official tour. You can save money that way. If you're in town on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday you can book an official tour of the forum for 5 euros. Just plan your two tours for different back to back days or the same day. To answer your question, you can print the adult tickets at home as long as you don't purchase the free tickets online. You can pick up the free tickets at the forum box office.

There is no magic pill like in weight loss or easy money-making process like in the lottery.