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Now is the best time to start taking control of your money! Start Today! Back Home. Back Get Started. Back Shows. Back Classes. Back Live Events. Back Tools. Back Dave Recommends. In each scenario they also asked if the participants would prefer to be friends with those who chose to save the innocent person or made the cost-benefit choice to save many people. Psychologists have long been puzzled by why most people usually default to a deontological style of morality rather than those that maximise the greater good. Consequentialist morality states that it is better to act in a way that will benefit the most number of people even if it means causing harm — so killing one person to save five.

Helen Mirren plays a British colonel in her new film who has to decide whether to order a drone strike on a group of terrorists planning an attack, knowing that the decision will also kill an innocent girl who has set up a bread stall close to where the terrorists are hiding. But deontological morality focus on the idea that certain things are wrong - like killing an innocent person - even if it can help more people.


These are similar to the kind of moral dilemmas depicted in films like Saving Private Ryan, where an entire unit of soliders is sacrificed to safe the life of one man, and in Helen Mirren's new movie Eye in the Sky, where taking out a cell of terrorists would also mean killing an innocent girl. The researchers presented volunteers with a series of scenarios where they had to make a choice to save the life of one person or a group.

Look at the dilemmas below and decide which you would choose? An out of control trolley tram is speeding towards a group of five people. You are standing on a footbridge next to a large man. If you push him off the bridge onto the track below, this will stop the trolley. He will die, but the five others will be saved. In another variation, volunteers were asked whether they would press a button, opening a trapdoor that would drop the man onto the track, without them physically touching him. In a further variation, they could choose between letting the trolley continue or using a button to switch the trolley onto another track where it would then hit one person rather than five.

Harry is the leader of a small group of soldiers, and all of the group is out of ammunition. Harry is on his way back from a completed mission when one of his men steps in a trap set. The soldier's leg is badly injured and Harry cannot free him from this trap without killing him. The enemy is advancing and they will find the soldier and torture him to death. The enemy troops are closing in on their position and it is not safe for Harry or his men to remain with the trapped comrade any longer. Harry offers to stab the soldier in the heart after he's unconscious to kill him quickly and prevent him suffering at the hands of the torturers.

Just before he passes out due the pain, the soldier makes a plea. Some people were told the soldier pleaded 'Please, kill me.

I don't want to suffer at the hands of torturers'. Others were told the plea was 'Please, don't kill me. But how about keeping just one worksheet and deleting the other sheets in your workbook?

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