The Chimaera

The Chimaera of Arezzo: Made in Etruria?
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CHIMERA (Khimaira) - Three-Headed Monster of Greek Mythology

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The Chimaera

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This page's broken links. Enemies take a penalty on AC and saves , equal to her Charisma bonus minimum 1.

Madness Ex : The Chimaera uses her Charisma modifier on Will saves instead of her Wisdom modifier, and has immunity to confusion and insanity effects. A further benefit is that she retains knowledge of her main spellbook without needing Spell Mastery feats.


The Chimaera cannot be restored to sanity by any means short of a miracle or wish spell. If she is restored to sanity she gains 6 points of Wisdom and loses 6 points of Charisma.

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Without an earlier Lupa , the fashionably classical Greek-looking Chimaera now must stand at the head of the tradition of monumental bronze animal statuary. Not surprisingly, each has a gaping mouth and similar stylization of the snout. Friend Reviews. Melville Roman epic C1st B. Carruba, A.

However, she must make a DC 25 Will save to keep her attacking immediately in beast form when she is angered by insults, attacks, or mere whim. Morphic Immunities Ex : The Chimaera is adept at distributing her form's vital organs around her body to keep them safe from harm. When in beast form, the Chimaera is immune to stunning and extra damage from critical hits.

Morphic Body Su : The Chimaera can use its precise control over her form to make itself stronger and heartier.

Shapeshift Su : At will or sometimes involuntarily; refer to the Madness ability , Danica can shapeshift into her fearsome beast form, that of The Chimaera. It requires only a swift action to shapeshift, and she can do so any number of times per day, for as much time as she likes.

The Chimaera

She keeps all extraordinary and supernatural special attacks of her normal form. All her held, or worn gear melds into her new form and become non-functional until she returns to her normal form. She cannot speak in her beast form, and can't cast spells in beast form. In beast form, she takes the form of a large, predatory chimera with two humanoid arms.


The humanoid arms can be used to wield weapons made as secondary attacks or to activate one wand made as a swift action, once per round. She also gains a primary bite attack that deals 2d6 points of damage and two secondary claw attacks that each deal 1d6 points of damage; however, if flying she can make a bite and four claw attacks.

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The Chimera according to Greek mythology, was a monstrous fire-breathing hybrid creature of . Virgil, in the Aeneid (book 5) employs Chimaera for the name of gigantic ship of Gyas in the ship-race, with possible allegorical significance in. Chimaeras are cartilaginous fish in the order Chimaeriformes, known informally as ghost sharks, rat fish, spookfish or rabbit fish; the latter three names are not to .

Her size increases to Large, and she has the reach of a long creature of her size 5 feet. Her base land speed stays the same, but she also gains a fly speed of 50 ft. She also gains Hover and Multiattack as bonus feats whenever she is in beast form.

follow link The Morphic Body and Morphic Immunities abilities apply when she is in beast form, as well. If knocked unconscious or slain in shapeshifted form, Danica reverts to her original form. When in humanoid form, her statistics are as follows: Medium Magical Beast awnshegh ;.