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Springer Terro Night. Eastpak uses own and third party cookies for marketing, profiling and analytics purposes, and to ease your navigation on the site. Please see our cookie policy or manage your cookie preferences. Add to Basket. Add to compare. The iconic Padded Pak'r backpack in our Terro Night shade: designed for comfort with our signature construction. About The iconic Padded Pak'r backpack in our Terro Night shade: designed for comfort with our signature construction. Finding other places, reaching out into space testing its fertility. And when introduced into a foreign environment, it withers or flourishes.

We would like to attempt a thesis at this juncture and to accept neither feral figure in its entirety, but to argue for the intimate conjunction between a cultivated place and its resonance with the space it procures for its nest and kin.

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I'm not a biter, I'm a writer for myself and others. I am writing for myself and strangers. This is the only way that I can do it. Everybody is a real one to me, everybody is like some one else too to me. No one of them that I know can want to know it and so I write for myself and strangers. There is no subjective disposition outlining an unambiguous individual of the para-academy.

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There is no para-academic. Open-access holds hands with this parasitic descriptor. The practice inside the paywalls of academic 'education' is held in a deathgrip by its infatuation with value and information, both empty without the apprehension of human experience, the barbaric yawp.

It is not that a para-academic practice leads one to the childish wonder of Kaspar Hauser who wonders about the spatiality of his room. It is the academic legitimation that distorts that one can hold the understanding of both in a constellation of place and space. Led to believe there is only a place for things, we are led to disillusionment.

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It is also not that a para-academic practice relinquishes itself to the invasive growth outside of careful cultivation, an abandonment of pleasantries for the toothy growl of a predator. It is the academy's fear that thought does not require capital to signify value.

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Some of the most nutritious meals can be foraged. Defining a para-academic practice is not outlining a place of accreditation of the practice, it is the recognition that any place is subject to modulation by the space it inhabits as well as creates. The para-academic practice keeps an eye of the creation of spaces, follows those paths that eat themselves in the name of academia.

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This is not unlike Red Peter's report to the academy, only successful if we report in idle idiosyncratic banalities that we have once again become victorious in our acculturation and nullification within the confines of accredited mush and our trajectory of wild rigor is defeated in our desire for recognition as recognizable in this place. Weeds are integral to the functioning of a large ecosystem.

The manicured garden is entirely reliant on its keeper. The skin of a living organism cuts off an outside from an inside. So does the circumference of a circle in a plane. By tracing the way we represent such a severance, we can begin to reconstruct, with an accuracy and coverage that appear almost uncanny, the basic forms underlying linguistic, mathematical, physical, and biological science, and can begin to see how the familiar laws of our own experience follow from the original act of severance.

The act is itself already remembered, even if unconsciously, as our first attempt to distinguish different things in a world where, in the first place, the boundaries can be drawn anywhere we please.


Hilal Omar Al Jamal is the author of Terro(a)r ( avg rating, 8 ratings, 3 reviews, published ). Poet Hilal Omar Al Jamal's debut release, fully illustrated by acclaimed visual artist Kristina Collantes, terro(a)r is a collection of the young american author's.

At this stage the universe cannot be distinguished from how we act upon it, and the world may seem like shifting sand beneath our feet. Two edges are created: an obedient, conformist, plagiarizing edge the language is to be copied in its canonical state, as it has been established by schooling, good usage, literature, culture , and another edge, mobile, blank ready to assume any contours , which is never anything but the site of its effect: the place where the death of language is glimpsed.

These two edges, the compromise they bring about, are necessary. Between these two epigraphs, interminable questions of where and questions of happening, gesture, and interface. To stay buoyed between a site of visible read: valued happening and haptic perspicacity. Bounded by one or the other leads to a desiccation of potential knowledge.

The tumbleweed tumbles until met with mud, a bare structure moving but not movement. A tumbleweed tumbleweeds, propagates only at a place. It becomes significant again, continues. Significance, the site where meaning is made known through kinesthetic apprehension.

blacksmithsurgical.com/t3-assets/journals/hashtag-queer-lgbtq-creative-anthology.php Place as marked, outlined, recognized, territorialized. The academies marked by their peculiar disciplines, outlined by their rigid boundaries, recognized as factories of value. This far from ensures complete purchase on the space of thought, but it has made an undeniably elaborate means of making work significant. The academy is a muddy spot, it is fertile, but its gates are high and its dogs are barking. The coordinates of concept and experience. Another correlation: activity and the individual.

The individual, a placeholder in the crosshairs of juridical identification.