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Learn how your comment data is processed. Do killing animals promote life? If you like this essay, share it with others Twitter 0. Nothing in Nature exists in isolation.

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Nature's Theater connects kids to Nature and social justice with story. NATURE'S THEATER. Interactive outdoor walking stories for kids. Imagine a group of children (4–10 years old) gathered on a field of grass or by a shade tree.

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The ideal team will combine previous experience in the design of outdoor theaters, park structures or other live performance venues with expertise in all aspects of site development, technical theater requirements, and audience amenities.

Participation by local firms or the inclusion of a local representative is desirable. The leadership and management of the proposed team should be described together with the qualifications and relevant experience of the principal team members. Responses to this RFQ should include a minimum of 3, maximum of 5 built similar projects within the last 5 years. The prime of the proposed team should be represented on all projects listed.

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If members of the team have worked together before, those collaborations should be described. All RFQ final responses must be received by August 12, Recognizing the bilateral symmetry of our bodies, this construction invites the creation of winged beings. The children participating the most this year were of ages 6 through 9, and very much in the world of magic, fairies, and butterflies and in love with the flying heart.

Once they understood how to use this construction they were unstoppable in starting the design of their winged beings. The number 2 also represents the birth of the Other. We used cutout transparent circles to play with, which showed us visually what happens when we cooperate and what happens when one person dominates or when we are in conflict. Inner Child Cards We played with Inner Child Cards, a set of 75 illustrated cards that journey into fairy tales, myths, nature and number.

enter site Through the stories of childhood we had insight into the deeper meanings, symbols and numbers represented in the pictures. The images invoked the power of imagination while exploring archetypal truths about the human experience. We would ask a question to be answered and then pick a card.

The cards are big and solid, they stimulate the imagination. They can be used as a meditation or as an inspiration to share our stories. One way is to choose a card for the group, and share what we feel and see with the card.

Another way is for each individual to pick a card. These activities let children practice taking turns, listening to each other, and expressing themselves in the group.

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Orientation in space To explore how the group together occupies a space, each person chose a place for his Point constructed his circle with the star inside. These were then connected with lines to make one figure, like a star constellation.

The exercise showed us group dynamics and how we occupy the space. Material from the Feuerstein method can then be used, connecting points to make 3-dimensional drawings. It always amazes me to again experience the joy the participants have in doing these exercises. Children are naturally attracted by the circle.

Do killing animals promote life?

When they construct their own, according to their own measurement, together between the many we create a safe environment. When we start to realize the wonder of how amazing it is that we all start like a Point, so small that you can hardly see it, and that the little point knew exactly what to do to become a human being, something magical happens.

It brings a harmony to the group, which carries through the year. My experience is that it does. Children learn to see the play of the Universe with different eyes, recognizing shape and relating it to number, form, line and use in daily life. Playing with geometry helps with problem solving, be it in behavior or in creativity.