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Remained ignorant of my fallen state till Lived proudly on faith and works for salvation till Was admitted to Everton vicarage, Fled to Jesus alone for refuge, Fell asleep in Christ, January 22, Thanking you for your faithfulness in bringing to light the past treasures of whom the world was not worthy.

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John Berridge John Berridge and His Ministry eBook: J.C. Ryle: Kindle Store. Berridge was ordained Deacon in the Church of England on 10 March and Priest on 9 June He served from

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Running Christ’s errands – The life of John Berridge – Andy Banton

Follow: RSS Twitter. Amen A few Berridge quotes… —If you have less of this world—may you have more of His comfortable presence!

Like this: Like Loading One Comment. InTheBeginningGodcreated permalink. In he moved to Everton, near Sandy, but still his preaching failed to have any effective results. Later that year, as John Berridge was meditating on the Bible, he concluded that trying to earn salvation by good deeds alone was mere vanity and pride.

This discovery transformed his whole life. He lost no time in making up for his lost years.

Salvation was available to those who believed. Within a few months there were frequent conversions in the large congregations which gathered to hear him preach. The number of conversions among the people of Everton increased so steadily that it could be justly claimed that a revival of considerable proportions was taking place. Even those who went to the services with the intention of disrupting them often found themselves convinced by his preaching and remained behind afterwards to ask Berridge more about the way of salvation.

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He went wherever people could be found. But at times, his preaching was beginning to arouse excessive religious excitement and some curious physical reactions among his listeners. Unfortunately for Berridge, this threatened to discredit his basic message.

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Compelled by a desire to spread the good news of salvation, the indefatigable John Berridge became a leading evangelical in the same vein as the 18th century revivalists, such as the Wesley brothers, Daniel Rowlands and George Whitfield. But his fame raised up enemies. His success threatened the authority of the local clergy in whose parishes he preached.

Although John Berridge was not as well renowned for his preaching as George Whitefield and John Wesley, he played a vital part in the eighteenth century revival, as his contemporaries recognised.

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Another leading evangelical revivalist, Henry Venn, who had moved to the parish of Yelling in Huntingdonshire, accompanied Berridge on some of his preaching tours. After a successful ministry of more than thirty years, both his sight and hearing began to fail.

He died at the age of seventy-seven. Thousands of people attended his funeral. This piece of ground had previously been reserved for those who had come to a dishonourable end.

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However, Berridge is remembered to this day as one of the great preachers who played a major role in the great evangelical revival of the eighteenth century. John Berridge — Inspired by his faith The story of the 18th century evangelical revivalist, John Berridge, whose open-air sermons in East Anglia drew thousands of people from many miles around. John Berridge This new zeal eventually moved leading evangelicals like John Berridge to travel hundreds of miles to reach Berridge was Vicar of Everton, near Sandy in Bedfordshire.