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In January , two months after Joseph Cardinal Bernardin died of pancreatic cancer, Loyola Press published his book of personal reflections, The Gift of Peace , which the cardinal had written during the final months of his life. On the day of publication, during a reading at the archdiocese pastoral center, diocesan officials announced that the highly anticipated book would begin arriving in Chicago bookstores that afternoon. News media immediately picked up on the story.

Within 48 hours, the entire first printing of 50, copies had sold out, and a second printing of , copies had to be ordered. Jennifer James, a Seattle talk radio personality and local columnist, sold 50, copies of her self-published book, Success Is the Quality of Your Journey , in the Pacific Northwest alone. Later, Newmarket Press brought out the book in an expanded paperback edition for national distribution. Be on the lookout for successful self-publishers.

Self-publishers are an excellent source of new book material. In the past few years, many self-published authors have made the bestseller lists once they were picked up by a major publisher. Below are a few more bestsellers which were originally self-published.

The Encyclopedia of Associations by Frederick G. Collier published a paperback edition of Joshua , a parable originally self-published by Fr. Joseph Girzone, a retired priest. The book had sold 45, hardcover copies in its self-published edition; it sold , more copies in Collier's trade paperback edition and spawned an entire series of popular novels. In this way, she sold 25, copies in two and a half years. Soon thereafter, four major publishers participated in an auction for her book.

HarperCollins, the winner, signed her to a four-book contract for a healthy sum. Almost every syndicated columnist can generate one or two books a year just by editing their collected columns.

And many of these have become bestsellers. Syndicated columnists can also create new books about their field of expertise. By the time the book is published, his column will be syndicated to more than newspapers via the United Features Syndicate. Small, but successful newsletters that have identified a new market can be rich sources for books. For example, Amy Dacyczyn, editor and publisher of The Tightwad Gazette , compiled two books that went on to be bestsellers. One of the best places to find prospective authors are as members of professional associations.

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They can be a great place to find talent and topics. Some of the bestselling authors of the past few years have been speakers first, authors second. Knowing that his ex-wife, Barbara DeAngelis was fast becoming a bestselling author, Cynthia coaxed Gray into competing with her. HarperCollins, publisher of his other titles, bought reprint rights to his first book from Beyond Books in —for a seven-figure advance!

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Several authors have recently been discovered while chatting online or providing online content. The online world is a good place to catch upcoming trends as well as spot new voices. At their first meet-the-authors online event, they sold copies of the book.

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Intrigued by his story, she ended up signing Franklin White aka Stelow to a two-book contract. His first book, Fed Up with the Fanny , which he self-published, will be rewritten and republished.

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If the author is an authority on the subject, again so much the better. And if the author is an authority, don't keep it a secret. Play up his or her expertise in your promotions. For example, a diet book by a doctor, a book on early childhood learning by a teacher or a psychologist, or a book on the science of hitting by Cal Ripken or Ken Griffey, Jr. King, has sold more than two million copies of his harmonica books. Authoritative authors can also help you to land other important authors.

She has tremendous mastery of her subject, and she also has great charisma. If you have the choice between an author with adequate style and someone with superb style, choose the author with superb style. Well-written books will tend to sell better, provided the style fits the subject. Many celebrities need a helping hand, but so do many bestselling authors. While focusing on celebrities and established authors, don't forget the unknowns.

Do what you can to develop new writers as well. Remember: All established writers had to begin somewhere. If that is not enough to convince you to develop new writers, note that first time novelists are often more promotable than second or third time novelists whose first books were only mid-list sellers. Finally, there is nothing really as exciting in the book world as discovering a new talent and sharing that talent with others.

Authors — Don't give up just because you are an unknown. Instead, do everything you can to get better known. Write for magazines. Write for local newspapers. Write for small press journals. Develop a web site. To get better known, you have to get your name out there in the marketplace.


If you cannot do it through writing, then emphasize your areas of expertise. Become an expert—one worth publishing. Editors can have a great impact on books. A good editor does much more than just acquire books. As a publisher, you should work hard to develop editors who can spot new trends and work well with new authors to develop their style and talent. Indeed, many authors are quick to thank those editors who helped them to develop their ideas into compelling novels, clear how-to books, or beautiful picture books. A good editor can be worth a lot of money.

In fact, the top editors at major New York publishers earn annual salaries well into six figures. One way to work with great editors is to allow them to form their own imprint. Levine, and Judith Regan are just a few of the editors to have their own imprint. Such imprints give them greater opportunity to develop and nourish authors.

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Also, allow your editors to become stars in their own right. Because half the show is devoted to authors, she will have many opportunities to sign established authors who are unhappy with their current publisher. When publishing an anthology, textbook, or other compilation, choose an established author to head the editorial effort.

The name quality of the author will help to sell the compilation. Houghton Mifflin's anthology series, The Best American Short Stories , sold only 6, to 7, copies a year until they began using a different celebrity author as guest editor each year. Sales now total close to 35, copies per year, a fivefold increase. A great number of science fiction anthologies have been produced by the team of Isaac Asimov, Charles G.

Waugh, and Martin Harry Greenburg.

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The sales of these anthologies, of course, were not hurt by the fact that Isaac Asimov was associated with them, though by now both Waugh and Greenburg are as well known by the fans of these anthologies. While giving your editors free reign, you might want to check out their rejection pile once in a while. You might discover some gems therein. Below, for example, are a few rejection letters of books that later went on to become bestsellers. Typos, misspellings, and other goofs from bargain-basement copyediting diminish a book's credibility and embarrass author and publisher.

Less obvious is the lack of developmental editing, which can cause a book to miss its market. In a developmental edit, a market-savvy editor guides an author in producing a more salable book. Below are four of my clients' success stories. The publisher knew the same information could benefit lay readers as well.

I introduced a conversational style, cut the length, and simplified the vocabulary and sentence structure. Good Housekeeping magazine reprinted a chapter from The Safety Minute , telling its publisher, Safety Zone Press, that they bought the rights because the book's content was presented so clearly they could easily select the material most appropriate to their 5 million readers.

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From Greensboro ABSolute Fitness (Ann's Feeds and Reads Uncensored Book 3) eBook: Ann Cueva: Kindle Store. [PDF] From Greensboro ABSolute Fitness (Ann's Feeds and Reads Uncensored Book 3) by Ann. Cueva. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device.

Mademoiselle used the book's lists of safety tips as interview points in creating an article about the book. Developmental editing had turned the author's great content into a highly readable book by stripping away excess wording, rewriting each tip as a direct command for action, and presenting the text in an inviting format. The public television series Ancestors selected Genetic Connections , the first title from Sonters Publishing, for its companion guide to the series—the only resource picked for the segment on genetics.

The book a Benjamin Franklin award winner was easily condensed in time for the broadcast because its highly technical content had been exhaustively edited from the beginning to be clear and user-friendly. Even authors who market their manuscripts to agents and publishers can benefit from professional editing—before submission. She credits this extraordinary reception for a new author to having a well-edited manuscript to submit.

When this first book won a Agatha Award, sales jumped and HarperCollins bought the paperback rights. Thoughtful editing had helped a talented new writer withstand intense scrutiny by editors, publishers, and mystery fans.