Briefe an meine Freunde (German Edition)

How to Write a Letter in German: Format and Language
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Leben Sie eigentlich noch? Schreiben Sie mir doch bitte einige Zeilen und ich will mich gleich hinsetzen und mehr schreiben.

Geisler The Google translator gives: Sprucedale, May 1, Dear Mr. Knuth: Do you live still exist? Almost I would have doubt it, to? I have no Vital signs more of you or the other Received from Lord Halifax. Write me please a few lines and I want the same sit down and write more. Old camaraderie your O.

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Geisler All help much appreciated! Here with same small corrections: Sprucedale, 1.

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In alter Kameradschaft Ihr O. Knuth: Are you still alive? Almost I would have doubt it, as form so long I have not received any vital signs recevie from you or the other gentleman from Halifax. Please write me a few lines and strait away i will sit down to write more.

In old comradeship your O. Ahoj Mike!

An meine Freunde, Briefe;

How about Dear Herr Knuth, Are you still in the land of the living? I almost have my doubts when it is so long since I have had any sign of life from you and the other gentlemen in Halifax. Please write me a few lines and I will sit down immediately and write at greater length. To our old comradeship O. Geisler Cheers, Honza.

An Meine Freunde : Briefe (Classic Reprint)

Posted: Sun Dec 13, am. I don't know about anyone else, but I just love to read some of these old letters. Something about the way people used to say things in those days maybe, or perhaps just the fact that it brings history to life. Thanks and honza!

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Much appreciated! I had a feeling that the "Lord Halifax" translation had missed the mark. Posted: Sun Dec 13, pm.

Gute Besserung - Freund (leichtere OP) - Texte für E-Mails und Briefe - German Letters

Here's another short one, and again I think I have it pretty close, but the first line has a few words that eluded me. I see letters that could be a y, z, g or even an f. My effort at a line by line transcription: Geschrieben den Kommt der nicht an, dann hoffe ich doch wenigstens, dass dieses Lebenszeigen Dich erreicht. Ich glaube sicher Deine lieben Briefe alle erhalten zu haben und habe Dir auch zwir? Briefe schicken lassen. Das Bildchen, was Du mir geschicht hattest, habe ich meiner Braut zum Geburtstag geschicht und ihr eine grosse Frende damit germacht. That Bildchen what you had historians me, I have my bride historian Birthday and her great joy so made. Everything here is on well and also keeps brave from. Warm greetings to you from your faithful friend Helmuth The word "Bildchen" was not translated by Google, but my dictionary gives "small picture" or "frame".

I also can not make out the first words, but will try to find it out wth the help of some frieds. The word you have marked with a "? If this letter does not reach you, I hope that at least this sign of life reaches you. I am quite sure to have received all your kind letters and have let send you two letters myself. The small picture you have sent me I have sent as a birthday present to my bride and have pleased her very much. All is well here and stands bravely.

Kind regards from your true friend Hellmuth. Posted: Mon Dec 14, am. Thanks and PBR! I should have gotten the "zwei".

False Friends in English and German Vocabulary

The first "Brief", though, I can forgive myself. At first that's what I thought it was, then further along the word "Brief" appears more than once and the "B" looks quite different, so I figured it had to be something else. You folks are great! Looking again, it seems odd that this fellow makes his "h" look like a "y". I can't recall coming across that before.

I'll try to watch for that. Posted: Tue Dec 15, pm. Another short one. I think I have the transcription pretty close again this time, but there are a couple of words that I think I have transcribed correctly but don't seem to be correct because the translator passes them by and my dictionary does not list them.

I have noted these with? My line by line transcription: Kapuskasing, Nord-Ontario d. Mai Liebe Eltern! Next week letter as soon as I bit bin set? From you for five weeks already no message, hopefully you are all healthy With warmest regards, Your son Theo Hopefully, this will be an easy one! Your talent transcribing the old German style of writing is quite impressive. Only a few corrections in red.

OttawaMike wrote:. Next week I will sent a letter as soon as I have ensconced myself here a bit and have the opportunity to write. I haven't received any message for five weeks now , hopefully you are all healthy With warmest regards, Your son Theo Hopefully, this will be an easy one! Thanks ever so much, PBR! I'm afraid others who have so graciously assisted me throughout this thread might, with good reason, disagree with that.

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I think I have just been lucky with the last few because the handwriting is much easier and my switch to the Google translator has been a help. There is one letter I came across that I did not put up here - I couldn't get a single word transcribed because of the handwriting! Maybe when I get to the end of this I'll put it up as a challenge!

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Posted: Sun Dec 20, pm. This next one is a two page letter. However, I think maybe I am getting a bit better at this - I think I have the transcription pretty close.